iOS 18 (and AI) will give Siri much more control over your apps

iOS 18 will enhance Siri with AI, allowing voice control over specific app features.

: Apple's iOS 18 update will empower Siri with advanced AI capabilities, enabling users to control specific features within iPhone apps via voice commands. Initially, Siri will support commands only in Apple's apps but plans to extend to more. The update also includes security enhancements for data processed in the cloud.

Apple is set to revolutionize Siri's functionality with a major AI upgrade in the upcoming iOS 18, according to a Bloomberg report. This upgrade will significantly enhance Siri's integration within Apple's ecosystem, allowing users to activate and control specific features within Apple's native applications through voice commands. At launch, this new capability will be limited to Apple's own apps, with plans to support commands in numerous other apps in future updates.

Moreover, Siri's new capabilities will be particularly beneficial for performing multiple tasks with a single command, a feature that will be rolled out after the initial launch. The AI enhancements are also expected to improve Siri’s ability to process user commands directly on the device for increased privacy and faster response times, while more complex requests will be managed via cloud processing, secured by Apple's M2 Ultra chips within their Secure Enclave. This development signals Apple's commitment to maintaining robust security standards while harnessing the power of AI to improve user experience.

The anticipation for this update is high, especially with AI becoming a central focus in the tech industry, influencing how users interact with their devices. Apple plans to provide a sneak peek of these advancements at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10th. This update is part of a broader effort by Apple to integrate more sophisticated AI technology into its products, aligning with its long-term strategy to enhance productivity and user interaction through more intuitive and capable software solutions.