Is Dragon's Dogma 2 finally fixed with patch 7 for PS5 and Series X/S?

Patch 7 for Dragon's Dogma 2 improves performance and visuals on PS5 and Series X/S, resolving key technical issues but with lingering frame-rate concerns.

: Patch 7 addresses major flaws in Dragon's Dogma 2, particularly for Series X and PS5. Visual and performance improvements are evident, including better RTGI and ambient occlusion. However, issues with the 30fps cap and lack of a true 60fps mode persist.

Patch 7 introduces significant fixes for Dragon's Dogma 2, particularly addressing the broken image reconstruction and inconsistent frame-rate issues on Series X. Visual fidelity has improved with enhanced RTGI and ambient occlusion, making the game more visually appealing overall.

Players can now toggle between 'high' and 'low' graphics quality settings, impacting ray tracing, motion blur, and resolution. Performance in CPU-limited areas, like Vernworth, has noticeably improved, especially on PS5 which sees elevated frame-rates in busy cities.

Despite these enhancements, the 30fps frame-rate cap still suffers from poor frame-pacing, and a true 60fps mode remains absent. While PS5 generally offers higher image quality, Series X holds an advantage in GPU-bound scenarios, making the choice between consoles largely a matter of preference.