Jennifer Lopez hunts AI in action-packed Atlas trailer: 'Like doing a one-woman show'

Jennifer Lopez stars in Netflix's 'Atlas,' where she battles the first AI terrorist with the help of an AI suit.

: Netflix's action-packed sci-fi movie, 'Atlas,' features Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd, who is on a mission to defeat the world's first AI terrorist, with the plot set in a futuristic world of flying cars and robots. She must rely on Smith, an AI within her robotic arc suit, despite her distrust of machines, presenting a unique challenge of acting with a non-human scene partner. The film explores themes of trust, friendship, and what it means to be human in a high-stakes environment.

In the Netflix original film 'Atlas,' Jennifer Lopez takes on the role of Atlas Shepherd, a dedicated agent tasked with stopping an AI terrorist named Harlan, portrayed by Simu Liu. This sci-fi epic is set in a futuristic environment filled with advanced technology, including flying cars and highly sophisticated robots. The storyline delves deep into the complexities of human and artificial intelligence interactions, with Shepherd forced to partner with Smith, an artificial intelligence integrated into her robotic armor, to fulfill her mission. This setup not only highlights the pervasive mistrust of AI but also sets the stage for an unconventional narrative centered around the burgeoning relationship between a human and an AI, making for a touching and moving storyline according to Lopez.

Lopez describes her experience working on the film as akin to performing a one-woman show, due to the reliance on green screens and the absence of human co-stars in many scenes, particularly those involving her character's interaction with the AI voice of her arc suit, Smith. This challenge was met with enthusiasm by the film's director, Brad Peyton, who adapted his direction to cater to Lopez's strengths as a highly intuitive actor, making the process as immersive as possible for her. The film's focus on the interaction between characters and AI introduces a fresh perspective on the potential emotional depth of such relationships, further enriched by the addition of Sterling K. Brown's character, Colonel Banks, leader of the arc-suit-wearing Rangers.

'Atlas' is a narrative that tackles themes of trust, humanity, and the potential for friendship between humans and machines, set against the backdrop of a technologically advanced world on the brink of destruction by an AI-gone-rogue. Lopez's portrayal of Shepherd is highlighted as a journey of self-discovery and reevaluation of her preconceived notions about machines, driven by a visually captivating and emotionally charged script. The film promises to be an action-packed, thought-provoking exploration of the relationships that define us, be they human or artificial, making it a highly anticipated release for Netflix audiences.