King Ice teases bejeweled Pokémon bling

King Ice teases a new Pokémon jewelry line with bejeweled pieces featuring Pikachu. The collection drops on June 14.

: King Ice is launching a new line of bejeweled Pokémon jewelry on June 14. The initial teaser features Pikachu adorned with jewels and a Poké Ball. This isn't King Ice's first collaboration with popular video games and pop culture icons.

King Ice has announced a new collection of Pokémon-themed jewelry set to release on June 14. The jewelry brand posted a teaser image featuring Pikachu with a Poké Ball, both decked out in jewels, signaling the luxurious nature of the upcoming pieces.

This is yet another collaboration for King Ice, which has previously created bejeweled items featuring characters and themes from popular video games like Xbox, PAC-MAN, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Halo. Additionally, King Ice has produced jewelry for various pop culture icons such as Batman, characters from Child’s Play, Looney Tunes, and Ren and Stimpy.

King Ice is not the first to venture into Pokémon-themed jewelry; Tiffany & Co. released a Pokémon line in November designed by Daniel Arsham. Tiffany's collection featured Pokémon characters in 18K gold and sterling silver, indicating a growing interest in luxury Pokémon memorabilia. This new King Ice collection adds another exciting option for Pokémon fans who appreciate high-end collectibles.