Kobo Clara Colour review: Judging books by their covers is now more fun

Kobo Clara Colour e-reader adds color display, improves processor speed, and enhances library access.

: The Kobo Clara Colour is an improved version of its predecessor with a color display and a faster processor. While maintaining essential features like waterproof build and warm front lights, it offers robust integration with local libraries and supports third-party ePub books. Despite a less sharp screen, its color capability and user-friendly interface make it a strong competitor to Amazon's Kindle.

The Kobo Clara Colour review highlights significant enhancements over previous models, such as a color display and a faster processor, positioned as a direct competitor to Amazon's Kindle. It features a Kaleido 3 panel that displays about 4000 colors and retains the E Ink technology, although the resolution drops to 150 dpi for color images, compared to 300 dpi for black and white. The color display comes with a slightly dimmed yet warmer screen, which, despite adding a slight noise to the whitespace, provides a soft, cozy reading experience reminiscent of vintage paperbacks.

The device supports robust library integration through OverDrive, allowing users to borrow digital books with ease directly from their local library. This feature, in addition to the device's compatibility with third-party ePub books (unlike Amazon's Kindle), considerably broadens the scope of available reading material beyond the Kobo store's offerings. Additionally, the review appreciates the user-friendly interface of the Kobo e-reader, which simplifies navigation and access to diverse content sources, including a seamless integration of audiobooks and eBooks from KoboPlus, Kobo's subscription service.

Despite some drawbacks like a less sharp display compared to its predecessor and a smaller library than Amazon's, the Kobo Clara Colour compensates with its color display and a suite of reader-friendly features. The e-reader is presented as a premium device well-equipped to compete in a market dominated by Amazon's Kindle, especially appealing to users valuing a richer visual experience and a versatile e-reader ecosystem. The introduction of color to e-readers by Kobo, ahead of Amazon, marks a notable advancement in the technology, promising to enhance the visual pleasure of digital reading.