Lego Horizon Adventures might be Sony’s most important game of the year

Lego Horizon Adventures is crucial for Sony, bringing Horizon to a younger audience on Nintendo Switch, aiming for broader reach and exploration.

: Lego Horizon Adventures could be Sony’s most crucial game of the year. It's co-developed by Guerilla Games and Studio Gobo, aiming to reach a younger audience and launching on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch. This strategy marks a shift in Sony's platform approach and highlights their intent to explore new audiences.

Lego Horizon Adventures might be Sony's most important game of the year, aiming to introduce the Horizon series to a younger, broader audience through a family-friendly, Lego-styled game. Co-developed by Guerilla Games and Studio Gobo, the game will feature on the Nintendo Switch, expanding its accessibility beyond Sony's traditional platforms. The game retains core elements of the original Horizon series but adopts a lighter, more humorous tone suitable for all ages.

The game includes a mix of familiar Horizon mechanics such as combat and stealth while adding unique Lego-themed elements like summoning hot dog vendors for creative fights. This approach not only maintains the series' integrity but also injects fun and irreverence likened to the Lego Movie, appealing to both new and existing fans. Voice actors from the original games return, including Ashly Burch as Aloy, bringing lively, enthusiastic performances to the more playful version of the characters.

Sony's broader strategy includes pushing more titles to multiple platforms, reflecting an effort to diversify and expand its audience. This move follows Microsoft's practice of multiplatform releases, focusing on reaching more players and improving margin performance. If successful, Lego Horizon Adventures could pave the way for more Sony franchises to appear on the Switch, much like how Nintendo introduced its characters to mobile games in the mid-2010s.