Lego is releasing a Jaws set in August that recreates the final showdown on Quint’s boat

Lego to release a 1497-piece Jaws set in August, including the Orca boat, shark, and protagonist minifigures.

: Lego is launching a 1497-piece Jaws set on August 6, capturing the final showdown on Quint’s boat. The set features the Orca, a shark, and minifigures of Brody, Hooper, and Quint, along with key hunt items. A 90-second mini-movie reimagines the film in Lego form.

Lego is set to release a new 1497-piece set inspired by the classic film 'Jaws'. Scheduled for launch on August 6, it will feature a detailed recreation of the Orca boat, the iconic shark, and minifigures of main characters Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, and Sam Quint.

The set also includes crucial items from the film's hunt scenes like a harpoon and bright yellow barrels. It offers the flexibility to mount the shark attacking the boat or display them as separate pieces on a stand.

Accompanying the release is a 90-second short movie titled 'Jaws in a Jiffy,' portraying the film’s climax in a playful Lego version. Early access is granted to Lego Insiders from August 3, priced at $150.