LG Display begins mass production of world's first tandem OLED laptop screens

LG Display starts mass production of the first 13-inch tandem OLED panels for laptops, offering better durability, brightness, and lower power consumption.

: LG Display has begun production of the first 13-inch tandem OLED panels, ideal for laptops. The panels are thinner, lighter, and use less power, while offering double the lifespan and triple the brightness of traditional OLEDs. Dell's new XPS 13 may be one of the first devices to feature these advanced displays.

LG Display is now mass-producing the world's first 13-inch tandem OLED panels for laptops. These panels stack two layers of RGB OLEDs, enhancing both durability and performance, a technology initially commercialized in 2019 for use by automakers.

These new screens offer a resolution of WQXGA+ (2,880 x 1,800), cover 100% of the DCI-P3 color space, and are certified as Display HDR True Black 500. They are also touch-enabled and approximately 40% thinner and 28% lighter than conventional OLED displays.

The tandem OLED panels promise a lifespan twice as long and brightness three times greater than single-layer OLEDs while consuming 40% less power. Dell's new XPS 13 series might be among the first to feature this technology, although pricing and exact commercial availability remain unknown.