Li Auto to launch advanced level 3 self-driving technology by 2025

Li Auto aims to launch level 3 self-driving by 2025, enhancing competition with Tesla amid layoffs and rehiring staff for NOA advancements.

: Li Auto plans to offer a level 3 automated driving system by 2025, which allows hands-free, eyes-off driving under certain conditions. The company is focusing on an end-to-end neural network architecture and rehiring staff to develop its NOA software for urban driving. This initiative marks increased competition with Tesla in the autonomous driving sector.

Li Auto is targeting the launch of its level 3 automated driving system within the next 12 months, facilitating hands-free, eyes-off driving under specific conditions. This rollout is part of its transition towards an 'end-to-end neural network' architecture, as announced by CEO Li Xiang at the China Auto Chongqing Summit.

To support this development, Li Auto has rehired several employees who were previously laid off, particularly focusing on the NOA (Navigation on ADAS) function for urban driving scenarios. Despite previous setbacks, including a reduction of around 30% of its Autonomous Driving Group, the company is pushing forward with a new version of its NOA software expected in the third quarter of 2024.

The competitive landscape is intense, especially with Tesla poised to release its latest 'Full Self-Driving' software in China. Li Auto’s strategic move not only signifies a major technological advancement but also marks a pivotal moment in the rivalry among global and Chinese automakers over autonomous driving dominance.