LinkedIn is the latest company to get in on gaming

LinkedIn introduces three puzzle games to engage users and add a fun element to professional networking.

: LinkedIn has launched three new puzzle games named Pinpoint, Queens, and Crossclimb, available on both desktop and mobile platforms, aiming to enhance user engagement by integrating gaming into professional networking. Players can track their scores, streaks, and leaderboards, including specific ones for schools and companies, fostering a competitive yet fun environment. This move reflects a wider trend among digital services leveraging games to retain and engage users amid declining ad revenues and changing digital consumption habits.

LinkedIn has officially entered the gaming sector by introducing three puzzle games: Pinoint, a word association game; Queens, a strategic placement game akin to sudoku but with queens; and Crossclimb, combining trivia with wordplay. Accessible via the desktop and mobile app, these games aim to offer daily engagement for users, allowing them to track their performance through scores, streaks, and compete in various leaderboards among their network. This initiative is part of LinkedIn's efforts to diversify content and encourage more frequent platform usage amongst its professional user base.

The introduction of games on LinkedIn is reflective of a larger trend within digital content industries, where companies are increasingly turning to interactive content to boost user engagement and subscription revenues. For instance, The New York Times and Hearst have also incorporated games within their digital platforms, demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy in enhancing user retention and engagement. These developments signal a shift towards more dynamic content offerings in digital platforms traditionally not associated with gaming.

LinkedIn's foray into gaming is strategic, aimed not just at increasing time spent on the platform but also at enriching the user experience by introducing fun and interactive elements into professional networking. With digital ad revenues shrinking, and the need for innovative ways to engage users growing, LinkedIn's new gaming content could offer a valuable model for how professional networks can evolve. This approach underscores the growing convergence between entertainment and professional digital spaces, highlighting new avenues for growth and user engagement in the professional networking space.