LinkedIn to limit targeted ads in EU after complaint over sensitive data use

LinkedIn stops targeting ads using group data in EU after complaint.

: LinkedIn has ceased allowing advertisers in the EU to target users based on LinkedIn Group data after a complaint over data use. The decision aligns with the Digital Services Act regulations, ensuring no sensitive data misuse. The change is part of LinkedIn's efforts to comply and avoid further regulatory scrutiny.

Following a complaint by civil society groups to the European Commission, LinkedIn has confirmed it will no longer enable advertisers to target users based on their involvement in LinkedIn Groups. This decision is in response to concerns over the potential misuse of sensitive personal data such as political beliefs or sexual orientation for advertising purposes.

The move is designed to align with the new regulations under the Digital Services Act (DSA), which mandates stricter online content governance and advertising transparency in the EU. Although LinkedIn argued that its advertising practices were compliant, they chose to eliminate this targeting feature to prevent misconceptions and preempt further investigation.

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton acknowledged LinkedIn's commitment to compliance, underscoring the DSA's influence in shaping online platform policies. Meanwhile, the EC continues to monitor compliance among very large online platforms, as seen in recent actions against others like the Chinese e-commerce marketplace Temu, indicating rising regulatory oversight in Europe.