Marvel Rivals Dataminer Finds Evidence For PS5 And Xbox Series Release

Marvel Rivals, a PC closed beta hero shooter, hints at future PS5 and Xbox Series releases.

: Marvel Rivals is currently undergoing a successful closed beta test on PC, with signs pointing towards a future release on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Dataminers, including reliable leaker Miller Ross, found evidence in the game's files indicating planned console support and crossplay infrastructure. This potential console launch might be officially announced at the upcoming Summer Game Fest.

Marvel Rivals, a hero shooter developed by NetEase and seemingly a direct competitor to Overwatch, initiated its closed beta test on PC to significant acclaim, positioning itself as a major potential hit for 2024. Despite the game's current limitation to PC, various indicators have surfaced suggesting that Marvel Rivals will also be landing on next-gen consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series. This speculation was initially spurred by dataminers and further supported by the reputable leaker, Miller Ross, who uncovered bits of code within the closed beta's files that hint at compatibility with these consoles, alongside the presence of a crossplay framework which would facilitate multiplayer gaming across different platforms.

As anticipation builds, the gaming community is eagerly awaiting confirmation of a console release, especially in light of previous teases found on the game's official website and through updates to the Steam version that alluded to console support. The potential announcement at Summer Game Fest would not only confirm the rumors but also broaden the game's reach to a larger audience hungry for new content on their latest gaming consoles. This move could significantly impact the title's success, leveraging the immense popularity of Marvel's franchise and the growing demand for cross-platform titles.

In the competitive space of hero shooters, Marvel Rivals' entry into the market is notably watched by both fans and industry analysts. With its PC closed beta generating positive feedback, the game's expansion to consoles could solidify its position as a strong contender in the genre. Timely hints at console support through datamining efforts and leaks seem to point towards a strategic reveal, potentially establishing Marvel Rivals as a major player in the gaming landscape for the years to come.