Massive Epic Games leak hints at highly anticipated PC releases, including new Turok game

Epic Games Store leak reveals potential PC releases including Turok game and The Last of Us Part II.

: A major leak from the Epic Games Store suggests numerous upcoming PC game releases. The titles include a possible new Turok game and the PC port of The Last of Us Part II. Various codenames hint at games from popular developers like Rockstar and Square Enix.

A huge leak from the Epic Games Store has unveiled clues about several anticipated PC game releases. The data was extracted by unofficial tracker EpicDB before it was taken offline, revealing an array of games from prominent developers like Bethesda, Sega, Sony, and Square Enix.

One of the significant findings includes a codename speculated to represent the PC port of The Last of Us Part II. Additional codenames suggest a potential PC port for Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar and a new game in the Turok series, a franchise last seen in 2008.

Other notable mentions include a possible Final Fantasy IX remake by Square Enix and rumors of an upcoming BioShock 4. Epic Games has since updated their servers to prevent further information from being leaked, although the gaming community is eagerly piecing together clues.