Meta makes its AI chatbot available to all users in India

Meta's AI chatbot using Llama-3 is now available to all users in India, supporting English on various platforms, after testing during elections.

: Meta has launched its Llama-3-powered AI chatbot to all users in India, supporting only English for now. The feature extends across WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. Meta is addressing biases and issues as it continues to improve the chatbot.

Meta has made its Llama-3-powered AI chatbot available to all users in India after several months of testing during the general elections. The chatbot, however, currently supports only English and no other local languages, and is accessible through various Meta platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook, as well as the website.

The chatbot offers functionality similar to other AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini, and Anthropic’s Claude, allowing users to ask for suggestions on recipes, workout plans, and other queries. The chatbot can also suggest Reels on Instagram and provide prompts on Facebook, where it can respond to questions related to posts, such as offering tips on viewing the northern lights.

Meta AI can generate images based on prompts but has shown biases, such as adding turbans to images of Indian men and generating stereotypical vibrant homes. While Meta claims to continuously update and improve its models, it is unclear if specific changes have been made to address these biases. Despite these issues, Meta is bringing this technology to India's large user base, with explicit functionality for group chats on WhatsApp and plans for ongoing improvements.