Meta pauses plans to train AI using European users’ data, bowing to regulatory pressure

Meta halts its plan to use European user data for AI training due to regulatory pressure. EU and UK authorities raised concerns.

: Meta has paused its AI training plans using European user data following pressure from the EU and UK regulators. Authorities raised concerns about privacy and compliance with GDPR. Meta remains confident in its legal stance but will engage with regulators to address issues.

Meta has halted its plans to train AI systems using data from users in the EU and UK due to pressure from regulatory authorities. The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) and the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) expressed concerns about privacy and compliance with GDPR, leading to the decision to pause the plans.

Meta had previously notified users of upcoming changes in its privacy policy that would allow it to use public content from Facebook and Instagram to train its AI. Despite sending over 2 billion notifications, the process for users to opt out was deemed difficult and confusing, raising further concerns from regulators and privacy activists.

Meta asserts that its approach complies with European laws and maintains that the pause will hinder innovation and competition in AI development in Europe. The company will continue to engage with EU and UK regulators to address the raised issues, with hopes to resume AI training under revised processes that respect user privacy more effectively.