Meta Quest now supports up to six windows in a bid to compete with Vision Pro

Meta Quest supports up to six windows, Apple's iOS 18 has limited features, and the Apple Watch Series 10 redesign may not be dramatic.

: Meta Quest now supports up to six windows to compete with Vision Pro. Some iPhone models may not receive certain iOS 18 features. The Apple Watch Series 10 might not undergo a significant redesign.

Meta Quest has introduced support for up to six windows, enhancing its multi-window functionality. This move aims to position Meta more competitively against Vision Pro, offering users increased flexibility and multitasking capabilities.

Certain features of iOS 18 may not be supported on all iPhone models, raising compatibility concerns. This limitation highlights the ongoing challenges in ensuring that older devices can run the latest software effectively.

The redesign of the Apple Watch Series 10 may not be as significant as previously speculated. Despite expectations for major changes, Apple may opt for more incremental updates to the device's design and features.