Meta quietly rolls out Communities on Messenger

Meta introduces Communities on Messenger to enhance organized group communications.

: Meta is rolling out a new feature called Communities on Messenger, which allows for structured group communications without the need for a Facebook Group. This feature consolidates group chats in a dedicated space, facilitating interactions for organizations, schools, and interests groups. Communities on Messenger differs from WhatsApp by linking directly to Facebook's social graph, enhancing community building.

Meta has introduced a new "Communities" feature on Messenger to help organizations, schools, and private groups communicate more efficiently. This feature allows users to connect without needing an associated Facebook Group, creating dedicated spaces for real-time communication within the app itself. This move aims to enhance Messenger’s functionality and set it apart from other messaging services like iMessage.

The Communities feature consolidates multiple group chats into one place, with each Community having a dedicated "Home" space for updates and announcements. Up to 5,000 people can join a Community through shareable invites. This feature can be used by various groups, such as organizations, schools, PTAs, and neighborhoods, to create dedicated group chats for specific topics.

Unlike WhatsApp Communities, Messenger Communities are connected to Facebook's social graph, allowing users to invite Facebook friends and friends of friends. Meta designed Communities on Messenger for more public conversations compared to Facebook Groups, with chat content visible to all current and future members of a Community. The new feature is rolling out globally to all users.