Meta tests Vision Pro-like freeform virtual screen placement for Quest headsets

Meta is testing a freeform virtual screen placement feature for Quest headsets, similar to Apple Vision Pro, available initially to beta testers.

: Meta is experimenting with a feature for Quest headsets that allows users to freely place virtual windows, akin to Apple’s Vision Pro. Currently, it's available only to beta testers and supports three freely movable windows from 2D apps. The new feature represents a step towards improved spatial computing experiences on the Quest 3, though with some limitations.

Meta is trying a new feature for its Quest headsets, letting users place virtual windows freely, resembling Apple Vision Pro's capabilities. Initially accessible to beta testers, this update enhances multitasking options by allowing up to three independently movable 2D app windows alongside three docked ones.

This development brings the Quest 3 closer to Apple's spatial computing, particularly in mixed reality mode. While the placement memory of these windows is limited and the feature has some quirks, it allows customization of the headset's virtual environment, including a dimmer function for 2D apps.

The feature underlines Meta’s efforts to boost Quest 3’s productivity features beyond its gaming focus, even if it doesn't yet match the finesse of the Vision Pro. Considering the Quest 3's significantly lower price point, these enhancements offer promising utility advancements for users without the premium cost.