Meta’s latest experiment borrows from BeReal’s and Snapchat’s core ideas

Meta develops 'Peek' for Instagram, combining elements of Snapchat and BeReal.

: Meta is creating a new Instagram feature called 'Peek', inspired by Snapchat's ephemeral content and BeReal's authenticity. Peek allows users to share real-time, unedited photos viewed only once. The feature is still a prototype and has not been externally tested.

Meta is experimenting with a new feature on Instagram named 'Peek', which incorporates ideas from Snapchat and BeReal. Peek enables users to capture and share photos in real time without the ability to edit or apply filters, similar to the authentic and unedited photo sharing promoted by BeReal. However, unlike BeReal's fixed-time content sharing, Peek does not impose a specific time for sharing, offering flexibility to the users.

The development of Peek also draws on the ephemeral nature of Snapchat's content, which popularized the concept of media that disappears after being viewed. Shared Peek photos can only be viewed once, emphasizing the fleeting nature of the moments shared. This approach is an adaptation of Instagram's existing Stories feature, which allows content to be available for 24 hours, thus Peek represents a more transient version of Stories.

Despite the ongoing internal testing and the unclear future of Peek's public rollout, Instagram sees potential in expanding the ways users can share content. By mixing successful elements from other popular apps, Instagram aims to retain user interest and adapt to the shifting preferences for authenticity and immediacy in social media sharing. Meta's strategy of integrating features inspired by other platforms continues to shape the development of its services, aiming to keep users engaged and encourage diverse types of content sharing.