Micron claims GDDR7 memory can bring up to 3.1x performance boost over GDDR6

Micron's GDDR7 memory may boost GPU performance 3.1x over GDDR6.

: Micron has introduced GDDR7 memory, claiming it can significantly enhance GPU performance compared to GDDR6 and GDDR6X. This new technology could enable over 30% FPS increase in modern gaming resolutions and improved ray tracing performance. Micron has begun sampling these chips, with NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce RTX 5090 expected to incorporate GDDR7.

Micron recently began sampling its GDDR7 memory chips, which are expected to replace the current GDDR6 and GDDR6X memory in GPUs. This new memory type promises up to a 3.1 times performance increase over GDDR6, enhancing gaming and AI applications substantially.

In gaming scenarios, especially at higher resolutions like 4K, GDDR7 is set to deliver more than 30% additional frames per second in both ray tracing and rasterization across popular gaming resolutions. Technical slides from Micron suggest major performance improvements, including a 3.1x increase in ray tracing performance at 4K resolution compared to GDDR6.

The adoption of GDDR7 by graphics card manufacturers, including anticipated utilization in NVIDIA’s forthcoming RTX 5090, hints at a significant shift in future GPU capabilities. Such advancements are likely to bolster the next-generation gaming experience, supporting more complex and visually demanding games at higher settings with increased frame rates.