Microsoft Build 2024: everything announced

Microsoft Build 2024 introduces AI-driven enhancements, including Copilot AI agent features and advanced clipboard options.

: At Microsoft Build 2024, significant enhancements were announced including the expansion of Microsoft Copilot with new AI agent capabilities aimed at automating tasks like data entry and email monitoring. New tools such as Phi-3-vision for mobile devices and an AI-powered clipboard in Windows 11's PowerToys offer advanced tech solutions. Other updates include custom emojis for Teams, a compact Snapdragon PC, and Git integration in File Explorer.

Microsoft's focus at Build 2024 was predominantly on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into various platforms and tools. The newly introduced features in Microsoft Copilot will enable autonomous agents to perform tasks autonomously such as monitoring emails, handling automated workflows, and onboarding employees. Additionally, Copilot will enhance user experience in gaming, notably in Minecraft, by providing AI-driven assistance directly on your screen.

  1. Microsoft Edge: The browser will soon feature AI-powered real-time video translation for languages including Spanish, English, German, Hindi, Italian, and Russian, enhancing accessibility for global content on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn.
  2. Custom Emoji in Microsoft Teams: A new feature will be rolled out allowing users to create and use custom emojis within Teams, aiming to add a personalized touch to workplace communications.
  3. Snapdragon Dev Kit: Qualcomm's new Snapdragon Dev Kit, designed for Windows, packs a Snapdragon X Elite chip, 32GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD. This compact device is tailored for developers and offers a variety of ports.
  4. File Explorer Enhancements: Microsoft File Explorer will soon include built-in Git repository capabilities, allowing developers to manage projects directly from the File Explorer interface. Additionally, it will natively support 7-zip and TAR compression formats.
  5. PowerToys Advanced Paste Feature: Part of Windows 11's PowerToys suite, this new feature enables users to manipulate clipboard contents into different formats such as plaintext, markdown, or JSON, using simple keyboard shortcuts.