Microsoft’s all-knowing Recall AI feature is being delayed

Microsoft delays its Recall AI feature to test it further with the Windows Insider program, prioritizing security improvements.

: Microsoft has delayed the launch of its Recall AI feature intended for Copilot Plus PCs. The feature, which screenshots user activities, will undergo further testing for security enhancements with the Windows Insider program. This decision aligns with Microsoft's heightened focus on cybersecurity.

Microsoft has decided to delay the release of its controversial Recall AI feature intended for the new Copilot Plus PCs. Originally set to launch with these PCs, Recall will now undergo further testing within the Windows Insider program to ensure it meets high security standards. Microsoft cites the need for additional security improvements as the primary reason for this delay.

Recall, which captures screenshots of user activities, had faced criticism from privacy advocates and security experts who called it a potential cybersecurity disaster. In response, Microsoft committed to making Recall an opt-in feature, encrypting its database, and requiring Windows Hello for authentication. The company emphasizes that all data captured by Recall will remain local and private, with no data being used to train Microsoft's AI models.

This delay comes as Microsoft reiterated its commitment to security during a House Homeland Security Committee testimony. According to Microsoft Vice Chair Brad Smith, security is now prioritized above all other initiatives, including AI. This heightened focus on cybersecurity is also reflected in the company’s new mandate that security considerations will impact employee bonuses and compensation.