Microsoft’s Mustafa Suleyman says he loves Sam Altman, believes he’s sincere about AI safety

Mustafa Suleyman praises Sam Altman and emphasizes the importance of AI safety, regulation, and cooperation with China.

: Mustafa Suleyman expressed admiration for Sam Altman and OpenAI's commitment to AI safety. He stressed the need for cooperation over competition in AI development, including engaging with China. Despite concerns about AI's impact, Suleyman envisions positive uses in education.

Mustafa Suleyman, CEO of Microsoft AI, praised OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman for his sincerity about AI safety and emphasized their deep partnership during the Aspen Ideas Festival. Despite fierce competition, he detailed Microsoft's substantial investment in OpenAI and reassured stakeholders of the cooperative nature of their relationship.

Suleyman voiced his trust in Altman and called for regulated and responsible AI development, advocating for a slower pace if needed to ensure safety. He dismissed fears over AI's negative potential in education and instead highlighted how AI could enhance classroom experiences.

He also discussed the AI race with China, urging for mutual respect and cooperation to prevent a new Cold War-like scenario. His comments reflect a balanced approach to AI development, prioritizing safety, regulation, and international collaboration over rapid advancement.