Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service

Most customers prefer not to use AI for customer service, fearing it will make human contact harder, based on a Gartner survey of 5,728 people.

: A survey by Gartner showed that 64% of 5,728 consumers prefer companies not to use AI in customer service. 53% would switch to a competitor if a company employed AI for this purpose. Concerns include difficulty in reaching human agents, job displacement, and misinformation.

Customer service is often fraught with long hold times, incorrect answers, and unpleasant interactions. AI could theoretically address these issues and reduce costs, but consumers are not onboard, according to a Gartner survey. The survey, conducted in December 2023, revealed that 64% of 5,728 respondents do not want companies to use AI for customer service.

Moreover, 53% would consider switching to a competitor if they found out a company was incorporating AI in their customer service. Key concerns highlighted include the difficulty of reaching a human agent, potential job losses, and the risk of AI providing incorrect answers. Additional fears include data security issues and possible AI biases.

Despite these concerns, companies are under significant pressure to adopt AI, mainly for cost-saving reasons. Although AI can streamline tasks and speed up responses, it often lacks the empathetic touch necessary for handling complex emotional situations. High-profile examples like McDonald's discontinuing AI in drive-thrus due to errors underscore these limitations.