New difficulty mod in Stardew Valley will purge your saves if you use a guide

A new Stardew Valley mod deletes players' saves if they use a guide, inspired by a satirical article.

: A new 'hardcore' mod for Stardew Valley deletes player save files if they use a guide. Created by Sylvie Nightshade, it scans open windows for 'Stardew Valley Wiki'. The mod was inspired by a satirical article and emphasizes a challenging gameplay experience.

A new 'hardcore' mod for Stardew Valley will delete your save files if you use a guide while playing. This mod was developed by software engineer Sylvie Nightshade after being inspired by a satirical article on Hard Drive which joked about such a feature.

Nightshade's mod works by scanning titles of open windows or tabs while Stardew Valley is running. If it detects any window with 'Stardew Valley Wiki' in the title, it will erase the player's progress and even close the browser window containing the wiki.

This initiative is another example of life imitating art in gaming, similar to the Hello Kitty Island Adventure launch years after being mentioned in South Park. Players looking to use guides can circumvent the restriction by using separate devices.