Nintendo sues two Switch hardware and software modders

Nintendo is suing two modders for distributing pirated games and mod chips for the Switch.

: Nintendo has filed lawsuits against Ryan Daly and James 'Archbox' Williams for selling hacked Switch consoles and facilitating piracy. Daly was previously warned in March but continued his operations. Williams is accused of managing multiple piracy channels and providing advice on circumventing copy protection.

Nintendo has intensified its legal actions against piracy by filing lawsuits against two individuals accused of modding Switch consoles and distributing pirated games. The lawsuits were filed in a Washington federal court and target Ryan Daly from Flint, Michigan, and James 'Archbox' Williams from Arizona.

Ryan Daly operated the 'Modded Hardware' store, which offered hacked Switch consoles and modding services, despite a previous warning from Nintendo in March. Daly openly advertised his services on Twitter under the account 'Homebrew Homies,' and his site remains operational as of now.

James Williams, a moderator of the r/SwitchPirates subreddit, is accused of facilitating multiple piracy distribution channels. These channels include Jack-in-the-Shop, Turtle in the Shop, and NekoDrive, with some shutting down following cease-and-desist letters in March, though LiberaShop might still operate on Telegram.