Nvidia and AMD are bringing Microsoft’s Copilot Plus AI features to gaming laptops

Nvidia and AMD to integrate Microsoft's AI features in gaming laptops from Asus and MSI.

: Nvidia and AMD are enhancing gaming laptops with Microsoft's Copilot Plus AI, announced for Qualcomm laptops. The first models equipped with these AI features will come from Asus and MSI, powered by Nvidia's RTX GPUs and AMD's new Strix CPUs. These enhancements aim to boost AI capabilities in PCs, challenging the integration and performance of next-gen NPUs.

Nvidia and AMD are set to launch gaming laptops featuring Microsoft's recently announced Copilot Plus AI capabilities, initially debuted for Qualcomm-powered devices. These new gaming laptops, highlighted at Computex by Nvidia, will be released under the RTX AI PC line, featuring up to GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs and power-efficient AMD Strix CPUs. The offering is significant as it brings advanced AI functionalities to mainstream gaming laptops, marking a step forward in integrating complex AI models directly into consumer hardware.

According to Nvidia, these new RTX AI PCs will receive a free update to the full Copilot+ PC experiences once available, hinting at future expansion of AI tools and features. These developments are part of a broader competition among tech giants to harness powerful AI capabilities directly on devices, with Nvidia particularly emphasizing its GPUs' ability to handle more demanding AI processes compared to the more common NPU solutions. The integration of such AI functionalities is aimed at enhancing user experiences through improved performance and new capabilities in content creation, gaming, and general productivity.

Highlighting the competitive edge, Nvidia has also announced an RTaxonAI Toolkit to be launched, which will support developers by providing tools and SDKs for optimizing AI models like Meta's Llama 2 for better performance with lower resource requirements. This move, coupled with the collaboration with Microsoft on underlying AI models in Windows 11, underscores a strategic push to make GPU-accelerated AI functionalities more accessible. Nvidia and AMD are positioning themselves at the forefront of PC technology evolution, focusing on AI-driven innovation to power next-generation applications.