Nvidia RTX 50 "Blackwell" GPU configurations surface, not all SKUs will get GDDR7

Nvidia's upcoming RTX 50 'Blackwell' GPU configurations have leaked, revealing various memory setups. Top models might use GDDR7, but not all will.

: Leaked configurations of Nvidia's RTX 50 'Blackwell' GPUs show diverse memory setups, with the flagship model potentially using GDDR7. The RTX 5090 might feature a 448-bit memory bus, whereas lower-end models could utilize GDDR6. The details suggest varied performance across the lineup.

Rumors suggest Nvidia's upcoming RTX 50 'Blackwell' GPU configurations will be diverse, with some models featuring GDDR7 memory while others stick with GDDR6. The main highlight, the GB202 GPU, is expected to support a 512-bit GDDR7 memory bus with a total of 192 Streaming Multiprocessors (SMs), although the RTX 5090 might use a reduced 448-bit bus for its 28GB of GDDR7 memory.

Mid-range models like the RTX 5080 and RTX 5070 series are likely to follow different configurations. While the GB203, expected to power the 5080, may have a 256-bit GDDR7 memory interface, the GB205, intended for the 5070 and 5070 Ti, will feature a 192-bit bus. The GB206 powering the 5060 Ti might encounter performance bottlenecks due to its 128-bit memory bus.

Finally, the lower-end GPU, the GB207, anticipated for the RTX 5060 and 5050, could come with a 128-bit GDDR6 memory bus to save costs. This choice indicates Nvidia's strategy to differentiate between mainstream and low-end models without significantly cutting down on other specifications, potentially offering a range of performance options to suit different user needs.