Nvidia's RTX Remix goes open source, giving classic games an AI-powered remastering renaissance

Nvidia's RTX Remix modding suite goes open source, offering AI-powered remastering for classic games.

: Nvidia's RTX Remix, a modding suite for enhancing older DirectX 8 and 9 games with modern graphics, is now open source. The platform has already attracted over 20,000 modders and produced more than 100 remasters. New features like a REST API and AI integration promise even more advanced modding capabilities.

Nvidia's RTX Remix, known for improving graphics in classic DirectX 8 and 9 games, is becoming open source. With over 20,000 modders and more than 100 remasters already made, the platform has proven popular among enthusiasts.

Newly added features include a REST API that links RTX Remix to digital creation tools like Blender. Modders can also use generative AI apps such as ComfyUI to automate parts of the remastering process.

Demonstrated on the 2007 game Portal, the suite adds intelligent texture upscaling and physically-based rendering. Although creation tools still require Nvidia GPU hardware, the enhancements can be enjoyed by all players.