Oh no, Zenless Zone Zero is good now

Zenless Zone Zero has improved with reduced HDD TV mode, optional hard mode, and enhanced combat, making it a potential hit for miHoYo.

: Zenless Zone Zero, from miHoYo, has made significant improvements ahead of its 4th July 2024 release. Changes include reducing HDD TV mode screen time, eliminating the Battery Charge daily stamina system, and adding an optional hard mode. These tweaks have enhanced the game's combat and overall player experience.

Zenless Zone Zero, developed by miHoYo, has made notable advancements after receiving criticism during its second beta. The major issues such as the overbearing HDD TV mode have been addressed by reducing its screen time and introducing a double-speed toggle for quicker navigation and dialogue reading. Additionally, the game has removed the Battery Charge daily stamina system, which previously limited access to story and side missions.

The preview highlighted a thrilling boss fight against the Twin Marionettes, showcasing the improved combat mechanics and the engaging, ultracool design of the game. The combat, inspired by titles like Returnal and Persona 5, now offers more dynamic and fast-paced action, with characters like Nicole and a tiny bunny-robot adding to the excitement. The introduction of an optional hard mode and trial story characters has also enriched the gameplay, making it more traditional and enjoyable for both casual and dedicated players.

Producer Zhenyu Li discussed the team's efforts in balancing the game's features, including the possibility of an auto mode toggle for combat and exploration. Despite the ongoing live service and gacha elements, the game allows for a flexible and enjoyable experience without requiring players to engage with all the features. These well-targeted tweaks suggest that Zenless Zone Zero might become another successful title for miHoYo.