OmniAI transforms business data for AI

OmniAI, founded by Y Combinator engineers, transforms unstructured business data for AI, enhancing security and model integration.

: OmniAI addresses the challenge of siloed and unused enterprise data by transforming it for AI models and analytics tools. It integrates with various data storage services and allows businesses to run large language models securely. OmniAI recently raised $3.2 million and has 10 customers, aiming for $1 million in annual revenue by 2025.

OmniAI, founded by Anna Pojawis and Tyler Maran, aims to solve the problem of unused business data by transforming it into a format suitable for analytics and AI applications. The founders were inspired by the difficulty that companies, especially in regulated industries like healthcare and finance, face in leveraging their siloed data for analytical purposes.

The platform syncs with existing data storage services and databases and prepares the data for use with various models, including large language models like Meta’s Llama 3 and Amazon’s AWS Titan. Offering improved security, OmniAI’s tools can function within the customer's cloud, OmniAI’s private cloud, or on-premises environments, which enhances flexibility and control over data.

Early adopters of OmniAI include companies like Klaviyo and Carrefour. The company recently closed a $3.2 million seed round and claims a current customer base of 10, with projected annual recurring revenue to reach $1 million by 2025. OmniAI's strategy is to focus on running models alongside existing customer infrastructure, expecting growth as companies increasingly adopt AI into their operations.