OpenAI hit by two big security issues this week

OpenAI faced two security issues: unencrypted ChatGPT Mac app data and a 2023 internal hack, raising concerns about their cybersecurity.

: OpenAI confronted two significant security issues recently, involving the Mac ChatGPT app and broader internal security concerns. Pedro José Pereira Vieito discovered unencrypted local storage of chats in the Mac app, prompting an update from OpenAI. Additionally, Leopold Aschenbrenner raised alarms about internal vulnerabilities after a 2023 hack, leading to his dismissal and further scrutiny of OpenAI's security practices.

OpenAI faced a double dose of security issues this week, drawing significant attention. The first problem occurred in the Mac ChatGPT app, which was discovered by engineer Pedro José Pereira Vieito to be storing user conversations locally in plain text, posing a significant security risk. OpenAI responded by releasing an update to encrypt the locally stored chats following this revelation.

The second issue traces back to an incident in 2023 when a hacker accessed OpenAI's internal messaging systems. This breach raised serious concerns about internal security vulnerabilities, highlighted by technical program manager Leopold Aschenbrenner. Aschenbrenner, who brought these issues to the board's attention, claims he was fired for disclosing information and raising security concerns.

While security vulnerabilities and breaches are common in the tech world, these incidents are exacerbated by how integrated ChatGPT is in various major services. Combined with concerns over the company's overall security practices, these events suggest a growing scrutiny of whether OpenAI can effectively manage its data and cybersecurity. The company's responses and the public perception of these issues will have long-lasting implications.