OpenAI's revenue is reportedly booming

OpenAI's revenue is up to an annualized $3.4 billion, driven by ChatGPT subscriptions and developers using its models.

: OpenAI's annualized revenue has reportedly surged to $3.4 billion. This increase is largely attributed to ChatGPT subscriptions and developer usage of its models. Microsoft also contributes $200 million annually from sales via Azure.

OpenAI's annualized revenue has reportedly increased dramatically, reaching $3.4 billion, according to a new report. This marks substantial growth from $1.6 billion six months ago and $1 billion a year ago.

Most of the revenue comes from a subscription version of ChatGPT, priced at $20 per month, and from developers who use OpenAI's large language models in their applications. Additionally, sales through Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform contribute about $200 million annually.

However, an OpenAI spokesperson claimed the reported financial figures were inaccurate without specifying further details. Recently, OpenAI partnered with Apple to integrate ChatGPT into iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, though the financial details of this deal remain undisclosed.