Perplexity AI searches for users in Japan, via SoftBank deal

Perplexity AI partners with SoftBank to expand in Japan, offering free subscriptions to attract users and boost revenue. The AI startup is also raising funds.

: Perplexity AI is expanding its presence in Japan through a deal with SoftBank, which includes free subscriptions for SoftBank users. This partnership aims to boost Perplexity's user base and revenue from its premium tier. Additionally, Perplexity is in the process of raising significant capital and has a growing list of high-profile investors.

Perplexity AI has partnered with SoftBank to expand its services in Japan, offering free one-year subscriptions to Perplexity Pro for users of SoftBank’s Y!mobile and LINEMO. This move is part of Perplexity’s strategy to grow its user base and revenue from its premium offerings, leveraging SoftBank’s extensive market reach in Japan.

SoftBank's collaboration with Perplexity marks a wider trend among mobile carriers to partner with AI companies to attract more users and diversify their services. Despite not having in-house AI developments, these partnerships allow carriers like SoftBank to leverage AI capabilities and potentially co-develop new AI-driven services with partners like Perplexity.

In parallel, Perplexity AI is actively raising substantial funding, having recently closed a $62.7 million round and aiming to raise an additional $250 million at a significantly higher valuation. This financial strategy is supported by high-profile investors including Bezos Expeditions, IVP, NEA, Sequoia, Nvidia, and Databricks, with the aim of bolstering its competitive edge in the AI search engine market.