Picsart and Getty are making an AI image generator entirely trained on licensed content

Picsart and Getty partner to create an AI image generator using fully licensed content, ensuring commercial safety and compensating creators annually.

: Picsart and Getty are collaborating to develop an AI image generator exclusively trained on licensed stock images. This model ensures full commercial rights for generated images, aimed at preventing copyright issues. Compensation for creators and API access for Picsart subscribers are key benefits.

Picsart and Getty have teamed up to create an AI image generator that is solely trained on licensed stock images. This new model is being touted as a responsible and commercially safe option compared to other platforms, which often face copyright infringement issues.

The intention behind using fully licensed content is to guarantee that images generated by the AI will come with full commercial rights. By doing so, Picsart and Getty aim to avoid the backlash seen by other companies, such as Adobe, which faced criticism for using user work to train their AI without consent.

Additionally, Getty Images has committed to compensating creators included in the dataset annually. The AI image generator will be available later this year to paid Picsart subscribers and accessible via Picsart's API services, ensuring a fair and comprehensive solution for users and content creators alike.