Pocket 386 retro laptop with 40 MHz CPU, 8 MB RAM arrives for under $200

The Pocket 386, a retro laptop with a 40 MHz CPU and 8 MB RAM, is now available for under $200.

: The new Pocket 386 retro laptop features a 40 MHz CPU and 8 MB RAM, ideal for retro gaming. With a 7-inch IPS LCD and user-replaceable components, it offers authentic gaming experiences for titles like Wolfenstein and Commander Keen. Available for $193 on Ali Express, it ships with Windows 3.11 and options for black or transparent casing.

The Pocket 386 retro laptop has been introduced for tech enthusiasts and retro gamers, featuring a 40 MHz 386 SX chip, 8 MB of DRAM, a user-replaceable VGA card, and a Yamaha audio card. Although performance might vary with games such as Doom, titles like Wolfenstein and Commander Keen run smoothly.

This retro laptop sports a 7-inch IPS LCD screen which can switch between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Measuring at compact dimensions, it lacks a trackpad but supports mouse control via arrow keys or an external PS/2 mouse.

Priced at $193 on Ali Express (down from $300), the Pocket 386 is available in black or transparent models and includes a 12-volt charger. It ships with Windows 3.11 and allows easy upgrades and component replacements.