Raspberry Pi is now a public company

Raspberry Pi went public on the London Stock Exchange, raising significant funds and seeing a sharp increase in shares.

: Raspberry Pi, known for its small, affordable computers, went public on the London Stock Exchange. Priced at £2.80 per share, the company is valued at £542 million. The IPO raised more than $200 million with shares rising sharply.

Raspberry Pi, the company known for its tiny, cost-effective single-board computers, has gone public on the London Stock Exchange. The IPO was priced at £2.80 per share, placing the company's valuation at £542 million, or $690 million at the current exchange rate.

After the initial pricing, the shares saw a sharp increase of 32%, jumping to £3.70. As a result, Raspberry Pi could potentially raise over $200 million during the IPO process, though retail investors will only be able to trade shares starting Friday.

This public listing is not only significant for Raspberry Pi but also a win for the London stock market. Despite most UK tech companies opting to go public in the U.S., Raspberry Pi's strong performance highlights its unique position and potential in both educational and industrial markets, with 72% of its sales coming from the industrial and embedded segment.