Report: Apple developing new way to make iPhone batteries easier to replace

Apple is developing easier-to-replace iPhone batteries, shares Vision Pro customer photos, and details updates for AirPods Pro 2 and Beats Pill.

: Apple is working on a new method for easier iPhone battery replacements, alongside sharing photos of Vision Pro customers. Detailed aspects of AirPods Pro 2 are highlighted, with more updates promised. The return of Beats Pill, iOS 18 beta 2 features, and EU regulatory impacts are also discussed.

Apple is reportedly developing a new method aimed at simplifying the replacement process for iPhone batteries. This initiative comes as the company shares images of the first customers outside the United States who have purchased the Vision Pro.

Additionally, Apple has released details about the unique features of the AirPods Pro 2, promising further enhancements in the near future. Alongside these developments, the Beats Pill has made a comeback, providing users with new audio solutions.

The iOS 18 beta 2 features continue to be refined, addressing various aspects that impact user experience. The EU regulatory ramifications are also ongoing, influencing Apple's decisions and product rollouts.