Report: Apple to launch iOS 18 AI features marketed as ‘Apple Intelligence’

Apple to launch iOS 18 with new AI features named 'Apple Intelligence'.

: Apple's upcoming iOS 18 release will include new AI-driven features branded as 'Apple Intelligence', enhancing user experience with advanced capabilities. The update will introduce emoji reactions in iMessage and the ability to schedule messages. Additionally, enhanced features for AirPods and a significant new Apple Passwords app are expected.

Apple is set to unveil iOS 18, which will feature a suite of AI capabilities marketed under the title 'Apple Intelligence'. This new integration aims to streamline and enhance user interactions with their devices.

Included in the update are new functionalities for iMessage, such as emoji reactions and the option to schedule messages for later delivery. These features are designed to improve communication efficiency and flexibility.

Furthermore, the release is expected to bring innovations to AirPods and introduce the Apple Passwords app, which could have a substantial impact on password management and security.