Snapdragon X Elite's first real-world benchmarks can't even beat an older iPhone, but a fix may be out soon

The Snapdragon X Elite underperformed compared to older devices like the iPhone 12 mini, but updates may improve it.

: The Snapdragon X Elite processor's initial benchmarks are underwhelming, failing to surpass even a 2021 iPhone 12 mini. This has led to backlash, but some performance issues, such as gaming frame drops, have been mitigated through updates. Potential further optimizations could improve its currently disappointing scores.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite processor has not lived up to its hype according to initial benchmarks on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge. The processor's real-world performance is significantly below what was demonstrated in press events, with single-core scores even trailing behind the iPhone 12 mini's A14 chip.

Users are expressing their disappointment, pointing out that the chip's performance is hindered by limitations in CPU clock speeds and other optimizations aimed at improving battery life and heat management. While gaming initially suffered from severe frame drops, a recent update has significantly improved gaming performance, suggesting that there is potential for further improvements.

Despite these updates, the fundamental benchmark issues remain. There are hopes that with additional optimizations from Samsung, the X Elite may eventually meet its expected performance levels. However, until these issues are adequately addressed, Qualcomm faces significant reputational risks for its much-touted processor.