Sonos says its controversial app redesign took ‘courage’

Sonos defends its app redesign, vows to restore missing features and improve user experience.

: Sonos has faced backlash for its redesigned app, which lacks several features like sleep timers and playlist editing. Chief product officer Bouvat-Merlin stated that the redesign was a bold move towards future innovations, acknowledging current functionality setbacks. The company promises a roadmap to reintroduce missing features and enhance the app experience over the coming months.

Sonos has recently updated its mobile application, which has sparked a mix of reactions from its user base. Shortly after the release on May 7th, customers expressed dissatisfaction over the absence of previously available features, such as sleep timers, local music library management, and the ability to edit playlists or song queues. Moreover, complaints about degraded accessibility surfaced, prompting Sonos to aim for a resolution in the upcoming month. The company acknowledges these concerns but frames the redesign as a necessary step backward for a significant future leap in functionality and user experience.

Despite the negative feedback, Sonos stands firm on its decision to launch the redesigned app, hinting at a strategic move towards accommodating future innovations. Maxime Bouvat-Merlin, Sonos' Chief Product Officer, emphasized the company's commitment to reinvention and the courage required to overhaul its core product. While Sonos admits the transition phase might temporarily diminish the app's functionality, it reassures users of an ongoing effort to reintroduce missing features and implement additional enhancements aimed at improving the overall app experience.

The company has laid out plans to closely monitor customer feedback through its forums and an upcoming AMA session to better understand user grievances and suggestions. Sonos’ aim is to not only restore the app’s beloved features but also to introduce new functionalities that resonate with user demands. This strategy underlines Sonos' long-term vision of offering a more personalized and seamless content access and enjoyment solution, despite the short-term challenges presented by the app's overhaul.