Sony shows off futuristic PlayStation controller concept in new video

Sony unveils futuristic PlayStation controller and other gadgets in a concept video.

: Sony released a video showcasing a concept PlayStation controller and futuristic gadgets like transparent smartphones and sleek AR glasses. The controller features a unique ring light design with handles and lacks a traditional touchpad and D-pad. The video is part of Sony’s 'Creative Entertainment Vision' to blend real and virtual worlds.

In a recent release, Sony captivated audiences with a two-minute video that introduced a futuristic concept for a PlayStation controller, significantly deviating from traditional gamepad designs. The controller, highlighted for its unique ring light structure flanked by handles with integrated analog thumbsticks, omits the usual touchpad and displays a distinctive absence of the standard PlayStation buttons like square, circle, triangle, and cross. It was showcased alongside a variety of innovative, conceptual technology pieces including transparent smartphones, elegant AR glasses, and a propeller-less drone, indicating a broad vision for the future of tech and gaming.

The presentation extends beyond just hardware, illustrating a potential future where gaming experiences might involve holographic projections, as evident from a curved screen floating above the game controller. While most elements in the video appeared CGI-generated, Sony's message was clear: it intends to meld real and virtual worlds more seamlessly in the years to interchangeably create infinite realities. This vision was shared during Sony's annual corporate strategy meeting, hinting at their roadmap for technology and entertainment for the next decade.

Sony cautiously noted that the showcased devices are not directly related to any existing products, suggesting these concepts are a glimpse into speculative future technologies rather than imminent releases. Still, the firm's push towards such futuristic ideation underlines its commitment to leading in innovative technology solutions that could transform everyday lifestyle and entertainment. The digital conversation extends with considerations for upcoming enhancements to existing products like the rumored mid-gen refresh of the PS5, envisioned to boost gaming performance significantly.