Sony to Restart Japanese Crypto Exchange Whalefin Purchased From Amber Group in 2023

Sony to restart Whalefin crypto exchange, bought from Amber Group in 2023; Amber Japan rebranded to S.BLOX by Quetta Web.

: Sony plans to restart the crypto exchange Whalefin, acquired from Amber Group in 2023. Amber Japan has been rebranded to S.BLOX by Quetta Web. The financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

Sony is gearing up to restart the crypto exchange Whalefin, which it acquired from Amber Group last year. The acquisition, initially reported by Wu Blockchain and further detailed by the Block, marks a significant step in Sony's venture into the cryptocurrency landscape.

On Monday, Whalefin announced that Amber Japan is rebranding to S.BLOX, reflecting its acquisition by Quetta Web, a unit of Sony, in August 2023. Amber Japan, initially known as DeCurret, was taken over by Amber Group in 2022 before this latest transition.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, reflecting the tight-lipped nature of the transaction between Amber Group and Sony. This move highlights Sony's expanding involvement in Web3 technologies, following its previous partnerships and investments in startups, as well as its patent filing for NFT transfers across gaming platforms.