Spotify is going to break every Car Thing gadget it ever sold

Spotify will disable all Car Thing devices by December 9, no refunds or replacements offered.

: Spotify announced it will render its Car Thing devices, a dashboard accessory, inoperable by December 9, following its discontinuation in 2022. The company is not providing refunds or subscription credits to customers, nor is it planning to open-source the device. Owners are advised to do a factory reset and recycle the gadget responsibly.

Spotify's venture into hardware with the Car Thing device has taken a definitive end as the company plans to disable functionality for all units by the end of the year. Launched initially on an invite-only basis in April 2021 and made publicly available in February 2022, the $90 device was discontinued just months after its release. Despite its quality build and niche community, the device's dependency on a mobile phone for operation limited its broader appeal.

According to Spotify, discontinuing Car Thing allows the company to concentrate on enhancing its core music streaming service. The move has left many users disappointed, especially since there are no plans from Spotify for any replacement or future updates to the hardware. Customers received emails detailing the shutdown and advising on responsible disposal, but no financial compensation or alternative solutions have been offered by Spotify to mitigate the situation.

The decision has triggered concerns and frustrations among the Car Thing owners, as expressed in various online platforms and discussions. This move may affect Spotify's reputation and user trust, particularly in how they support and transition from discontinued products. Moreover, users are advised to reset the device to factory settings and look for eco-friendly ways to dispose of the accessory responsibly, contributing further to electronic waste issues.