Spotify is no longer just a streaming app, it’s a social network

Spotify launches comments on podcasts, enhancing its app with social features inspired by TikTok, aiming to engage users beyond music streaming.

: Spotify introduces comments on podcasts, further building its app into a social network focused on audio. The company has added other interactive features such as Polls, Q&As, and video messages, drawing inspiration from TikTok. CEO Daniel Ek highlights the ongoing shift to improve user engagement and experience.

Spotify has launched comments on podcast episode pages, marking another step towards transforming its music streaming app into a social network focused on audio. With this feature, podcasters can directly engage with listeners, similar to existing interactive features like Polls and Q&As. This addition follows a significant 2023 revamp that included a TikTok-like discovery feed and the ability to post to stories, aiming to make the app more engaging for users and creators alike.

In an interview with Spotify VP of Podcast Product Maya Prohovnik, she didn’t rule out the possibility of extending comments to music artists' pages in the future, although no concrete plans were disclosed. Unlike Apple, which had less successful attempts like Ping and Connect, Spotify has gradually integrated social networking elements without making bold declarations, learning from platforms like TikTok to enhance user experience.

Over the past year, Spotify has introduced several social functions such as Spotify Clips, Countdown Pages, and real-time collaborative playlists. CEO Daniel Ek acknowledged TikTok's influence during the company's Q1 2024 earnings call, noting that industry trends are being closely observed to improve their product. With these enhancements, Spotify envisions users actively engaging with the app by sharing thoughts and opinions, thereby competing for time and ad revenue typically allocated to larger social networks.