Spotify quietly lets all podcasters upload videos, surpasses 250K shows

Spotify now lets all podcasters upload video content, with more than 250,000 video podcasts available.

: Spotify has allowed all podcasters to upload video content directly to its platform. This feature was previously restricted to those hosted on Spotify for Podcasters. The platform now hosts over 250,000 video podcasts.

Spotify is now allowing all podcasters to upload video content directly, removing the previous requirement to be hosted on Spotify for Podcasters or a partner service. Podcasters can now navigate through the Spotify for Podcasters portal to seamlessly upload video versions of their audio content.

This change has contributed to Spotify now hosting over 250,000 video podcasts, up from 100,000 in 2023. The number of monthly active users watching video podcasts has increased by 40% year-over-year, with over 170 million global users watching video content on the platform.

Additionally, Spotify has introduced features like “Miniplayer” to enhance the video podcast experience. As part of its broader video content strategy, Spotify is also adding music videos in select countries and testing video education offerings in the U.K.