Steam client gets game recording, editing and sharing capabilities

Valve's Steam client now features built-in game recording, editing, and sharing, including support for Steam Deck users.

: Valve has introduced game recording, editing, and sharing capabilities to the Steam client. This new feature is accessible via the beta client and supports games compatible with Steam overlay, including non-Steam games. It leverages AMD and Nvidia GPU encoding to minimize performance impact and offers multiple sharing options.

Valve has integrated new gameplay recording, editing, and sharing tools into the Steam client, providing an easy-to-use interface for users. This feature is also available on the Steam Deck, expanding accessibility across devices. Recordings can be made automatically or manually and are stored in a raw format for efficiency.

Users have control over recording length, bitrate, and disk space usage, with the default settings estimating a two-hour video at around 10 GB. The recorder captures the game window exclusively, ensuring privacy, and allows for audio selection from other software like voice chat. Clips can be exported in mp4 format and shared in several ways, including between Steam devices, mobile devices, and through temporary URLs.

The feature includes automatic bookmarking via Steam achievements and supports manual bookmarks for specific gameplay moments. Forward and backward chapter controls aid in navigating highlights, and developer tools are available to assist with recording management. Users can enroll in the Steam beta to test this new functionality and provide feedback through the Game Recording discussion group.