Steam's new official controller comes from Hori, arrives this Halloween

Hori's new officially licensed Steam controller launches in Japan this Halloween, featuring customizable inputs and Steam-exclusive functionalities.

: Hori has unveiled an officially licensed Steam controller set for release in Japan on October 31. This marks the first Valve-licensed controller in nearly five years and includes features like gyro support and customizable inputs. The controller will be available in four colors, with both wired and Bluetooth connectivity.

Hori has announced a new officially licensed Steam controller, which will debut in Japan this Halloween. This development is significant as it's the first Steam controller approved by Valve since discontinuing their own model nearly five years ago. At present, the release is only confirmed for Japan, sparking speculation about a broader launch in the future.

The controller features four additional programmable inputs, gyro, stick touch sensors, and a rapid-fire function. It also includes a dedicated Steam button and quick access to Big Picture Mode. While it supports both wired and Bluetooth connections, certain functionalities are exclusive to Steam's mode.

Despite its innovations, the new Hori controller omits the trackpads found in Valve's original designs, and it doesn't feature hall-effect joysticks, which are known for resisting drift. With a price set at 7,980 yen (about $50), it comes in four colors. Valve also provided statistics on controller usage on Steam, highlighting that controllers now account for 15% of gameplay sessions.