Stellar Blade Sequel And PC Port Being "Considered" By Devs

Shift Up considers a PC port and sequel for Stellar Blade, alongside launching Project Witches.

: Developer Shift Up is exploring the possibility of creating a sequel and a PC port for their game Stellar Blade, based on its successful reception. They are also developing a new game, Project Witches, which will be available on PC and mobile, aiming for greater accessibility and cross-platform play. Project Witches will be similar to the previously successful Goddess of Victory: Nikke, rather than Stellar Blade.

Shift Up, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Stellar Blade, have announced they are considering further expanding the game's reach by developing a sequel and a PC port. This announcement came after the game's successful launch on PS5, where it received favorable reviews, indicating a strong market potential for continued investment in the franchise. The developer's documentation related to their application for the Korean stock exchange highlighted these initiatives as a part of their future strategy for the Stellar Blade IP.

In addition to the possible expansion of Stellar Blade, Shift Up is focusing on their next project named Project Witches, which will be launched on PC and mobile platforms. Project Witches is set to enhance accessibility via a cross-platform strategy, which seems to be a pivot towards appealing to a broader user base beyond console players. This move aligns with Shift Up's previous successful release, Goddess of Victory: Nikke, which followed a similar launch strategy starting on mobile and then expanding to PC.

While the documentation discussed the potential steps for expanding the presence of Stellar Blade, there was no mention of an Xbox port, likely due to Shift Up's ongoing partnership with PlayStation. Even as their next project gears up for a broader release, the focus remains on leveraging the success of their existing titles and enhancing the accessibility of their upcoming games to maximize reach and player engagement. The introduction of Stellar Blade to the PC market along with a sequel could potentially replicate or surpass the success seen on PlayStation, provided the high user scores and critic ratings are indicative of its wider appeal.