Switch 2 won't suffer from component shortages, Nintendo says

Nintendo confirms Switch 2 won't face component shortages. No price drop for Switch 1. Official announcement expected by March 2025.

: Nintendo assures that Switch 2 won't experience the component shortages that affected past consoles, including Switch 1. The company is focused on producing sufficient units to meet demand and avoid reselling issues. No price reduction for Switch 1 is planned, and formal details about Switch 2 will be revealed before March 31, 2025.

Nintendo has reassured investors that the anticipated Switch 2 will not suffer from the component shortages that plagued the launch of previous consoles, including Switch 1. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that the company has resolved these issues and is confident in its ability to meet production demands for Switch 2.

Nintendo expects to launch Switch 2 next year and has not changed its strategy to counter reselling by ensuring ample supply. While the company is yet to officially announce the console, details are expected to be unveiled before March 31, 2025, with Eurogamer suggesting a 2025 release after initial plans aimed for a Christmas 2024 launch.

As for the original Switch, there are no plans to reduce its price at present. Furukawa concluded by saying that no information could yet be provided about Switch 2’s launch timing or pricing strategy, emphasizing that the announcement will come within the current fiscal year.